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Personalized Lessons

Each individual student comes in for a different reason, so I try and work with what they want to get out of the lessons. We set goals together that they want to achieve. Below are the prioritized topics that we would go over.


Learning how to play your favorite songs is one thing, but being able to play them in time with the right groove, is what puts you above the rest.


Whether it’s Rock, Jazz, Latin, Classical, Contemporary, Funk, R&B or Country, being able to play any style with your favorite song or other musicians.

Drum Gear Maintenance

Being able to set up your kit properly as well as change heads and adjust cymbal stands. Anything you need to know about your drums hardware and cymbals.


Knowing the right way to hold a stick, the right way to hit a cymbal as well as the how to sit properly at the drum kit.

Reading Sheet Music

So a student can have all of the tools they need to learn songs. Students will be able to read written out drum beats by the first lesson, I guarantee it.

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